Walleye Fishing Is in Our Blood!

This website is for us to share our walleye experiences, latest news, and the best place to buy your "Walleye Weapons"

What we do

We Fish! Lake Erie Walleye are our favorites!

From trolling almost year round, to casting and drifting in the warm summer months, you can find us on Lake Erie almost every week when the weather permits chasing those Walleyes from the western basin all the way to the east side of Cleveland. 

Walleye Fishing 

We Love Fishing!

We have had great success fishing for Walleye in the summer time using the Walleye Weapons. Once the water reaches 55 degrees in usually around mid to late May we are going to start casting walleye weapons with 1/2 of a night crawler. There's nothing better than the feeling of a large walleye latching onto that weapon and you working him in with a 6' spinning rod. 

Latest Walleye News