The Large Walleyes are Biting!

Late winter/early spring are some of the best times to catch giant Walleyes in Lake Erie. If the weather permits you to hit the lake in late February and early March you can usually count on having large females that are still full of roe (eggs).  

This year the ice had shut down the boat fishing on Lake Erie from basically the end of December until the first week in March. We were able to hit the lake on Saturday March 5 out of Huron. 

After an extremely slow start trolling bandits and hearing on the radio that the P10 pullers, and jiggers were struggling as bad as we were, we finally caught our first fish around 10 am.

From 10 am until about 1:30 pm we just had a steady pick with a small flurry right over lunch time. I was the lucky guy to pull in 2 Fish Ohio's back to back about 15 minutes apart. 

Lake Erie Walleye

28" Lake Erie Walleye. Weight 9 lb.

Huge Lake Erie Walleye

29 1/2" Lake Erie Walleye. Weight 10 lb. 10 oz.

Tackle to Catch Giant Lake Erie Walleye

We were using Walleye Deep Bandits, trolling in 42' of water at a speed of about 1.2 mph. Colors were the Sunspot, Humble Bee, and a few customs. We heard of others that did well with trolling P10's with weights from 25-30 to 30-35. All of our fish that day were caught at 100 to 130 back using small boards. 

Jigging can be a lot of fun as well but we just aren't huge fans of it ourselves. We always say if you want to catch 16" to 18" males, go jig! 

We usually troll. Except when it's casting/drifting season from mid-May through late-July you will find us casting weapons and worms. There's just nothing like feeling that bite as a walleye grabs ahold of a weapon and work him in with a 6' medium action spinning rig!  

That my friends... is why the wifey says we spend too much money on boats, rods, lures, tackle, and weapons!

Jonas Troyer

About the author

Jonas is the founder/owner of Troyer Marketing LLC a web design/marketing company based in Orrville, OH. When he's not working you will most likely find him fishing on Lake Erie and/or hunting in his favorite treestand.

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